• Welcome to CuteChamp Fostering!
    Where every story is
    joyful and successful
  • Welcome to CuteChamp Fostering
    Where every story is
    joyful and successful
  • Welcome to CuteChamp Fostering
    Where every story is
    joyful and successful

How to Become a Foster Parent Carer

Foster Carer Recruitment Agency Approval Process

Children of all nations fostering agency is a private independent agency that is located Glasgow Scotland

We are one of the leading established agencies that provides foster care recruitment, we can advise you on how to become a foster parent.

We provide a range of foster care placements in local authorities across the Borough to meet the needs of the children.

First Enquiry

If you are interested in becoming a foster carer / parent you have two options you can complete our short and quick Fostering First Enquiry Form or you can give us a call us, where we will be happy to answer any of your questions about the process.

Initial home visit

Our fostering advisor will visit you in your home to give you a breakdown / information about what support we offer and the benefit that are available to you, after this visit and all is well you will be give an application form to complete.

Fostering Assessment

Once you have formally applied you will be allocated a Social Worker that will contact you to start the fostering assessment, you will be visited by them so they can get to know more about you and understand your family set up and quality and skills that you may bring to the role of Foster caring.

Preparation Training

Preparation training will be provided to give you better understanding of the fostering role and how you would deal with different situation that may occur while a child is placed with you in care.

Assessment Panel

The panel will make a recommendation after assessing you as an applicant to decide weather or not you are approved

Fostering Approval

Once you have been approved, your career as a Foster Carer will begin, we will promote you and you skills to the local authorities and match your skills to the relevant child, we will be there to help every step of the way.this process can be completed within 12 weeks.
Foster carers will receive full support through the fostering application process , to ensure that you are clear and comfortable with the requirements and benefits of being a fostercarer.