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Welcome to Kiidi Fostering

Children come into care from diverse backgrounds, cultural settings and with different abilities. Children and young people are looked after for a variety of reasons. The term ‘looked after’ is used to specify that the local authority is providing accommodation for children and young people. Foster carers provide a room in their home that a child can call their own. Children may remain in foster carer for short or long periods of time. It all depends on the child’s circumstances and needs. Foster carers are special people because they care for vulnerable children, they keep them safe and make sure that they look after their health and support them to achieve at school.

Caring Together to Change

Why Kiidi

You will receive ongoing support throughout your fostering experience with Kiidi Fostering.

Aims & Objectives

KIIDI FOSTERING aims to provide children and young people with a safe, nurturing and caring

Vision & Values 

KIIDI FOSTERING will ensure that we put the child’s needs at the forefront

Become foster carer

For whatever reason, a child in care has been separated from his or her family.

Kiidi Fostering Services Ltd

One of the leading independent Fostering agency in the UK. Kiidi Fostering limited is a well-established, medium-sized, private foster care agency based in west London. We founded Kiidi in the year 2020 to provide a high quality and supportive fostering agency service in west London and England.

  • 1 - We provide Local Authorities throughout West, East, North and south London with highly supported foster carers who can offer a solid foundation for babies, children and teenagers aged 0 to 18 years, short term or long term.
  • 2 - All placements are sympathetically and efficiently managed by our experienced team of professionals and matched with our most suitable foster carers.

We have a very diverse range of foster carers – couples of differing ages, singles, various ethnic and cultural backgrounds – this gives us greater flexibility than many other fostering agencies More about us.

Fostering a Child or Young Person

We need more Foster Carers in throughout London and England! As a progressive fostering agency, we are always happy to welcome and support new carers, as well as experienced professional foster carers wishing to work with a more supportive fostering agency. Fostering is a vocation, so we provide extensive guidance for all our carers. Kiidi foster carers are fully supported by our team with substantial experience in social welfare and have been in fostering throughout their working lives.

Foster Carer Support & Traning

As a highly respected West London based fostering agency, we are confident that our foster carers will receive the best support and training available. Whether you are attracted to fostering as a result of a change in family life, or are looking for a new career in child care, we will train and support you all the way. How to Foster a child. Fostering is rewarding in many ways – as a committed carer you will be helping children and young people in need have a better life – and for that, you will be suitably paid. So call Kiidi Fostering today to discuss how to become foster carer.