What makes Metroberry Limited

We specialise in modernising your technology estate, taking care of the mandatory 'heavy-lifting' projects that underpin the resilience, performance and security of your existing digital services.

This gives your team the breathing space and capacity to focus on achieving your strategic digital transformation goals.


With Businesses evolving to have an ever-increasing dependency on technology solutions, the focus on the resilience of these systems is huge. Eliminating service outages is more important than ever - for you, your organisation, your customers and shareholders. We can help identify vulnerabilities and then design and implement more resilient solutions that give you greater confidence in the availability of your systems. Delivering change without impact service availability.

Platform Migrations and Integrations

The choice of platform to run your Technology solutions is extensive and complex. The delivery of these solutions represent major programmes of work. You may need to consolidate legacy datacentres onto new, modernised and consolidated sites. You may be exiting and decommissioning old datacentres. You may be moving your business solutions from on-premises to cloud based platforms. With every business merger and acquisition there are inevitably Technology integrations or indeed separations. These Technology events are complex, high risk and critical to the success of the merger and acquisition. With decades of experience in delivering Programmes of this type across a range of industries we can help you succeed.

End User Support Services

All companies who use Technology require their staff to benefit from End User Support. Whether related to problem resolution, device replacement or Technology deployments we provide a tailored service to meet your needs. This includes standard Deskside Support services for all sizes of business user communities, as well as niche support services for specialised user groups including Executive, Risk, Finance and Trade Floor Operations. Our End User Support engineers have all required certifications and industry experience, as well as real life experience of the reality on the ground, operating effectively within the Client environment, processes and culture.